Development tips and links for iPhone apps

Description: This is a an entry where I keep a list of misc development tips for iPhone app development.


XCode can’t find base SDK – Stack Overflow you can’t choose the SDK at the top left of x-code you have to first set the base SDK in the the project settings. Project -> Edit Project Settings. Then choose the “General” tab. At the bottom you can choose “Base SDK for all Configurations:”


Improved Gradient Buttons

Improved Gradient Buttons are five built-in styles which can be seen in the image above, or you can manually set the gradient to any value you’d like. You can download the source codes from HERE (

Button creator (ZIP download)

Creating Screenshots

iPhone-Simulator Cropper (Curious Times)

iPhone-Simulator Cropper (Curious Times) hacked this tool to take screenshots of my Apps running in the iPhone-Simulator. Before that, i took a screenshot (cmd+shift+4) and cropped the application screen with the help…

Useful classes and code in general

Presenting, Appirater - Arash Payan | Blog

Presenting, Appirater – Arash Payan | Blog most developers, I’m not thrilled with the way the App Store presents my apps. There are several problems, but in particular, I really don’t like the user review…


Convert Mac OSX dfont files to ttf (TrueType)!

DfontSplitter « Peter Upfold

DfontSplitter « Peter Upfold for Windows and Mac are open source programs which allow you to take Mac-formatted .dfont font files and convert them into TrueType TTF fonts, which Windows and…
Where does Mac OS X store fonts?

Where does Mac OS X store fonts? OS X stores fonts in several different places, which can make dealing with fonts a bewildering experience. Here are some of the locations…

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