Crossroads Inn, Salem MO

My family enjoys staying at the Holiday Inn Express is Salem MO. It is a very good hotel, with excellent service and amenities (which is quite a surprise for being in such a rural area). In fact it is actually one of the best we have stayed in anywhere.

As such, I am excited to be helping them as they switchover to being Crossroads Inn and Suites. I know that the owners want to run the best hotel possible and with the switchover they will finally be free to implement improvements that were previously not an option. Keep watching their site for more news about the upcomgin March 19th switchover!


  • Janet

    Why did the Holiday Inn Express in Salem, MO change to the Crossroads. Will reservations change? WIll amenities change? Prices?etc

    • Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your comment and I apologize for taking so long to respond to you.

      My understanding is that the hotel owners wanted more freedom to better serve their guests, for example:
      +the hotel franchise limits the items that can be served for breakfast
      +the hotel requires a particular pillow type and there cannot be other options available
      As Crossroads, the hotel can have real scrambled eggs for breakfast and more fresh fruit (not just bananas) as well as more pillow/bedding options for people. This is just a small sampling, but I anticipate a lot of improvements and innovations that they were previously prohibited from providing.

      My understanding is that rates will be comparable to before but if you would like to get more specifics, I highly recommend visiting their facebook page:
      or giving them a call at:
      (866) 729-9598

      Other than that, please let me know if you have any other questions and have a great weekend Janet!

      Best regards,
      and feel free to ask them questions there or five them a call at (866) 729-9598

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