Building a random name generator

Last night I had fun building a  little random name generator for my friend Adam and my wife. They both write and sometimes it is difficult to come up with names for characters, that is where the new tool comes in handy:

Character Name Generator

Every time you refresh the page you get a new name 🙂

I used to code a lot of fun little projects like this but lately I have not made time for it. I do best at these projects when I have a contiguous chunk of time (3-6 hours) to really delve into and just keep plowing through any obstacles that may arise. For instance last night, actually choosing a random name was trivial, but getting my source data (txt file) imported into a MySQL DB actually took a bit of doing.

Anyhoo, I plan on improving the name generator and making time to do some more fun (and useful) little projects in the future 🙂

Here are a few resources that I utilized (or just found along the way) in making the name generator:

Tricks with Notepad++ | a4apphack

Tricks with Notepad++ | a4apphack is an amazing text editor which not just gives you option to edit and save your text files, but also gives lot many features which can help you in doing magic.

Windows Text Editor For Large Files | KerryOnWorld

Windows Text Editor For Large Files | KerryOnWorld wee morning I was forced to play around with a huge text file of geographic data. And just how big was it you say? 781 megabytes. This is not a job for Windows Notepad…

Tail for Win32 - Home Page

Tail for Win32 – Home Page
Selecting random record from MySQL database table. ~ Blog ~ Akinas 

Selecting random record from MySQL database table. ~ Blog ~ Akinas problem with this method is that it is very slow. The reason for it being so slow is that MySQL creates a temporary table with all the result rows and assigns each one of…
How to get the execution time of a MySQL query from PHP? – Stack Overflow probably some way to do this via MySQL, however, the easy (and reliable) way is using PHP’s microtime function, which returns the current time as milliseconds.
PHP MySQL Connect to a Database 

PHP MySQL Connect to a Database
PHP: ucfirst - Manual 

PHP: ucfirst – Manual Manual Function Reference Text Processing Strings String Functions addcslashes addslashes bin2hex chop chr chunk_ split convert_ cyr_ string convert_ uudecode convert_…

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