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Use Logitech M215 wireless mouse with Windows 11 [SOLVED]

Recently I setup an old Logitech (now logi) M215 wireless mouse with my Windows 11 laptop. The process was not as straightforward as I expected because I needed to sync/pair my mouse with a new unifying receiver. The Logitech website can be rather confusing, so as of 2023/09/26 here are direct links to the Unifying software page: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025297913 and the download itself: https://download01.logi.com/web/ftp/pub/techsupport/unifying/unifying252.exe After installing the unifying software, it will ask you to turn your mouse off and the back

Middle clicking link in Chrome opens in same tab and new tab [SOLVED]

Q. Help! When I middle click a link in Chrome it opens in a new tab (like it should) but it ALSO opens in the same tab I’m in, which it should not 🙁 How can I fix this super annoying behavior?! –Virginia A. Good question, here is an extension that will fix the problem: middle button new tab Please let me know if this does the trick for you. Also, if you can rate this review this tip on

Blind review: can a $7.99 mouse cut it as a gaming mouse?

Here’s the deal with this entry: I wondered how the Kensington ‘Mouse-in-a-box’, available for around $7.99 [Amazon], would hold up under serious gaming and productivity scenarios. Who better to test it than Neil from kohlercreated. He does extreme gaming and he also works super hard, a somewhat rare combo ;-). So I had the mouse shipped to him without the price and I asked him to use it and send me his impressions, but to NOT look up any info

Blake’s take on gaming mice for WoW etc.

My friend Blake does a decent amount of gaming. Since I have been blogging about gaming keyboards and gaming mice, I wanted to hear what Blake used… Specifically I asked him could you tell me what mouse/mice you use for your gaming sessions? Anything re: pros/cons, advice or future mice plans would also be appreciated! Blake’s response: I currently use a mouse by Red Dragon that was part of a Case kit that I bought year ag, its just a