AMD’s Triple Core Llano (and lots more Fusion info!)

Turks get their paws on AMD's three core Llano - A6 3500 confirms the rumours | TechEye

Turks get their paws on AMD’s three core Llano – A6 3500 confirms the rumours | TechEye’s upcoming triple-core Llano APU will be flogged under the memorable A6-3500 handle. The chip is a bit odd in that it is similar to the quad-core A6-3600 except for the fact… Donanimhaber tested it and found that it works at 2.1GHz with a 2.4GHz on Turbo, has 3MB of L2 cache and comes with Radeon HD 6530D graphics with 320 stream processors and a…

AMD's triple-core Llano gets tested

AMD’s triple-core Llano gets tested guys from Donanimhaber managed to pull some performance figures from AMD’s upcoming triple-core Llano APU that will be sold under A6-3500 name. This triple core managed 5173…

Oodles more Llano info over here.

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