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ACPI TOS6205 drivers for Windows 7 [solved]

Q. Hello JD H, I have an issue, I installed win 7 (32 bit) on my Toshiba Satellite P300 and there is this unknown device (ACPI\TOS6205) I cannot find the right driver! Please can you assist me to get the driver? Abdul M. A. Here is the download link for the bluetooth driver that should fix your ACPI TOS6205 Unknown Device issue: , Toshiba dl link UPDATE from Abdul M. That was the right driver and I thank you for fixing my Toshiba Satellite problem. 🙂

Portable FTP server: Serva 32/64

While looking for a nice portable (no installation, etc.) FTP server today, I found the following: Serva is an all-in-one portable multi-server HTTP server FTP server TFTP server TFTP client DHCP server proxyDHCP server BINL server * DNS server SNTP server SYSLOG server * MS WAIK independent RIS and WDS install server alternative via Serva 32/64 – Serva32 – Serva64. Serva 32/64 – Serva32 – Serva64http://www.vercot.com/~serva/default.htmlHome HowTo Windows PXE Debian PXE Ubuntu PXE Advanced Serva Protocols TFTP Topics DHCP Topics

iPhone 5 unknown device driver windows7

Is anyone out there getting an ‘unknown device driver’ error when they plug in their iPhone 5 into their Windows 7 computer? If so, here is a tip that may help: Make sure you iPhone 5 is disconnected from your Windows PC Open a command prompt: If you are logged in as administrator: Open your command prompt, click Start select Run  Type cmd  then press Enter (this opens a command prompt window) If you are not logged in as administrator

Automated WHOIS query solutions for Windows

While consolidating a variety of disparate domain names for a corporate client, it was useful to have a way to automatically get WHOIS information for all the domains. Two free solutions I found were: MultiLook – Windows based utility that can find WHOIS info for domains and then export the info to HTML Great for a one time lookup of domains. The interface is not perfect, but it does get the job done for most domains. 4/5 stars PHPWhois Ideal for

Annoying AVG Free disk space requirement

Tonight I was installing AVG Free on a virtual machine running XP that was setup to only have 10GB of hard drive space. With all the various updates and programs installed there was only about 800MB free space left. Annoyingly AVG Free would not allow an install until 1GB of space was free. 🙁 If AVG actually needed a gigabyte of space that would be one thing. But guess how much space it actually uses? About 100MB. Yes, they are

Grey screen with login, incorrect voucher, start.exe [antivirus info]

UPDATE 2012.09.20 commenter Lauralea suggested the following simpler procedure: Reboot Windows (you can power off your machine if necessary) When your computer restarts, enter safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows can load Run malwarebytes (alternate link) to remove the infection Reboot and you should be good to go!* *NOTE: I would recommend performing an additional virus scan after you reboot, just to make sure there aren’t any other viruses/trojans. -JD Original instructions: If you get a grey box like this, then you have a virus infection or

Disable CTRL-ALT hotkey rotation on Win 7 w/Intel video

Links: Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cardshttp://www.edugeek.net/forums/windows/4500-screen-rotation-intel-graphics-cards.htmlWindows Thread, Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cards in Technical; I have made an MSI patch to prevent the CTRL+ALT+UP / DOWN / LEFT /RIGHT hotkey(s). It disables the intel… Disabling Screen Rotation Hotkeys – Windows 7 Forumshttp://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/195664-disabling-screen-rotation-hotkeys.htmlHi, I would like to disable the hotkeys for rotating screen (ctrl+alt+arrows) but I cannot. In fact, I right clicked on desktop and from Graphic Options I chose Hot Keys and then… [end]