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Downloading torrents on a Chromebook? YES

Google’s Chrome OS is not known for having extensive app support. However, somewhat surprisingly, there is a way to download legitimate torrents on your Chromebook by using a packaged app called jstorrent. I intend to writeup a full review of the jstorrent but for now here are some relevant links to get you started: Google Groupshttps://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/chromebook-central/DXJmD1ZUK2Q+YouSearchImagesMapsPlayYouTubeNewsGmailDriveCalendarMoreTranslateMobileBooksOffersWalletShoppingBloggerFinancePhotosVideos uTorrent for Chromebook | About Chromebookhttp://aboutchromebook.com/utorrent-for-chromebook/jstorrent is a Chrome packaged app for downloading torrents. Although not completely stable, it does appear to be functional, and (as of writing)

Add torrent/magnet links directly from Chrome to uTorrent

Sometimes I really miss firefox. What was very simple years ago has proved surprisingly tricky for me on Chrome. I am looking for a way to ‘single click’ and add torrents to a remote instance of uTorrent. So far I have not had any luck using this Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/remote-torrent-adder/oabphaconndgibllomdcjbfdghcmenci?hl=en 🙁 So the quest will continue and hopefully I will soon have success to report! 🙂