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Pixel density links

I am very fond of calculating pixel density 🙂 As such, here are some links to PPI resources: A nice (simple) pixel density calculator: http://pixeldensitycalculator.com/ Is this retina?! http://isthisretina.com/ Another simple and attractive interface: http://dpi.lv/ Old school DPI Calculator: https://www.sven.de/dpi/ Paper Pixel Ruler http://pediddle.net/dpi-ruler.html Examples of sites that Google pulls resolution phone summary/data from: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/vivo-Xplay-3S_id8248 Obligatory pixel density lists: http://pixensity.com/list/laptop/ http://pixensity.com/list/phone/

Making your WordPress blog Retina ready

Two handy-dandy plugins for making sure your blog displays high-res images to your readers that are using Retina (or equivalent) displays: WordPress › Simple WP Retina « WordPress Pluginshttp://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-wp-retina/Seamlessly replaces images with @2x versions on Retina and other high pixel density screens. Change is performed server side saving requests. No action is required on your part other than to activate it and to regenerate your thumbnails with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. WordPress › WP Retina 2x « WordPress Pluginshttp://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-retina-2x/Make your