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Best cheap FX lenses

I use a variety of FX lenses on my Nikon D750. My favorite lenses are the “bargain” lenses, i.e. the lenses that cost less than a couple hundred dollars but that are fun to shoot with. Here are some of the best cheap FX lenses to pair with a D750, the D610 and the D810. All these lenses are available for $400 or less in one form of another (some new, some used) and most are in the $100-$200 range. Nikon

Nikon DSLR camera recommendations for early 2011

When friends and family ask me for camera recommendations I post the info to my blog in the hopes that it will help others too… Here’s a recommendation for Nikon DSLRs: Summary of recommendation: #1 – A very capable companion: Nikon D7000 Pros: good image quality, excellent ISO quality, fast focusing, +1080p video, smaller size and lighter weight (than D300s) Cons: may be pricier than the D90 without drastic improvement Deciding factor: if you find a good price and you