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Adobe Creative Cloud uninstalled with errors

Recently I uninstalled Adobe Creative Cloud and the process was rather interesting: First I had to uninstall any individual applications (like Adobe Photoshop, otherwise CC would not uninstall), next I had to uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud (and it said it encountered errors), lastly I had to reboot and uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud again (and this time it was successful). Normally a reboot isn’t a big deal, but in this instance I had a multi-TB file transfer that still had about 5 hours

Some cloud syncing options

A short list of file syncing options, most related to syncing to the ‘cloud’… Windows Live Essentials: Other Programs – Get startedhttp://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-other-programs?T1=t4&os=otherWith Windows Live Mesh and the Devices website, you can keep up-to-date copies of documents, photos, and other files on all of your computers, whether PC or Mac. Sync your… How to Set Up a File-Syncing Dropbox Clone You Controlhttp://lifehacker.com/5821145/how-to-set-up-a-file+syncing-dropbox-clone-you-control[…] SparkleShare – Sharing work made easyhttp://sparkleshare.org/get started Setting up your own host to work with SparkleShare is relatively easy. We’ve