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Milk jugs used for cheap 3D printing!

3D printing is a very cool topic and this news makes it even more intriguing: 🙂 With 3D printing, anyone with a 3D printer can make just about anything using a digital design and plastic filament. And while you can get simple open-source printers for surprisingly cheap (anywhere from $250-$500), one kilogram of the plastic filament can set you back between $30-$50. But there’s one solution that might be sitting in your refrigerator right now: milk jugs. via How milk jugs

ViewSonic PJD6531w projector and 3D Vision

I saw my first (modern) 3D movie last night at the theater. The effect was enjoyable and so I decided to start researching 3D on my PJD6531w projector. There have apparently been some teething problems with this projector and 3D Vision, but the first two links below offer some helpful tips for getting NVIDIA 3D Vision working with the ViewSonic PJD6531w: ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Projector Review – NVIDIA Forums – Page 3 1280×800 3D Vision ViewSonic PJD6531w – 3D Vision Blog 3D