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New larger format 3D printer

I have been eyeing a 3D printer but had been waiting before purchasing because none of the semi-reasonably priced (<$2500) models seemed to have a large enough printing area/volume for my purposes. Specifically, I would really like to try 3D printing some discgolf discs. Most discs are circles aboutĀ 8-9 inches (20-23 cm) in diameter and unfortunately most entry levelĀ printers have a max print area of 7 inch by 9 inch or so… not quite large enough. šŸ™ Therefore I was

Milk jugs used for cheap 3D printing!

3D printing is a very cool topic and this news makes it even moreĀ intriguing: šŸ™‚ With 3D printing, anyone with a 3D printer can make just about anything using a digital design and plastic filament. And while you can get simple open-source printers for surprisingly cheap (anywhere from $250-$500), one kilogram of the plastic filament can set you back between $30-$50. But thereā€™s one solution that might be sitting in your refrigerator right now: milk jugs. via How milk jugs