Hawaii: Day 1 Transportation and Groceries

The time is 11:22AM and so far it has been a good day :-). I got up at 7AM Hawaii time, which is 11AM Missouri time. I did some work and then at about 8:30AM it was starting to warm up so we began our trek. We walked 4.3 miles, the longest portion of the walk was along scenic Alii drive. The walk is punctuated by gorgeous views of the ocean and the coast. Here is Samantha at the starting

Hawaii: Day 0 (Departure)

We’re in the Spfd airport, warm and out of the snow.  Our flight is now scheduled for 8AM (instead of 7:40AM). Apparently the crew was delayed getting in the night before. They are required to get a minimum amount of rest, so our flight is slightly delayed. We’re all for the crew having plenty of rest, so no biggie :-). The new Springfield terminal is pretty nice, power (AC and USB) outlets under a number of seats and the wifi

What does a firewall do? ANSWER

Question. Thank you for the help…my firewall is enabled. Does this keep hackers from seeing what I’m doing with online banking, etc? (Just curious) What exactly does a firewally do? Answer. Here is a simplified explanation of firewalls as they relate to your personal computer: A firewall’s main purpose is to provide a barrier between the internet and your computer. Specifically, a firewall is supposed to only allow approved applications to transmit and receive data from your computer to the

How to remote control PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices

Here are some apps that allow you to remote control your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device: MyMobiler – program that allows you to do a LOT of stuff on your mobile using your PC  (desktop or laptop)… View your mobile screen on your desktop. Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse. Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop. Capture mobile screen. Drag and drop files to your mobile. Support ActiveSync / IP Connection Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)

Unknown device / how to get MP4 player working [solved]

Question. Hello, I bought a pink MP4 player (iPod nano clone) from a China or Hong Kong seller. The player works but I can’t connect it to my PC or Mac, when I connect it I get a “this USB device has malfunctioned” or “unknown device” in device manager. Please help me so I can load music onto the player! Answer. You may want to try a different USB cable, sometimes the ones that ship out with the player are

Keyword suggestion and tracking tools

Question: What are some good sites for tracking search engine keyword ranking and for suggesting keywords? Answer: Here is a list of keyword suggestion sites and keyword tracker tools, most of them are compiled from a digital point forum thread. WordTracker – http://wordtracker.com/ Digital Point – http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords/ NicheBot – http://nichebot.com/ NicheBot Classic – http://www.nichebotclassic.com/ NicheBot Ranking – http://www.nichebot.com/ranking/ Vurr – http://vurr.com/ Google Adwords – https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Yahoo Overture – http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ Good Keywords – http://goodkeywords.com/ Keyword Count – http://www.keywordcount.com/index.php/welcome Keyword Density –

Wonderful trip to Florida

Samantha and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Florida. One of my best friends got married in Key West. I was the best man and Samantha was the photographer. On the trip down we had a great time and it was an absolute blast once we made it to Key West! Even the trip back was great because we visited my cousins in Mississippi. I hope to write more later, and post photos too :-).