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Initial HughesNet HN9000 satellite internet speed test

Our new HughesNet install was completed on Thursday morning. We started with the Express 200 plan and  were very pleased with it. Today we called to have our plan upgraded to the Express 300 and it is even better 😉 Here are some speedtest results* *these results were done on an Android smartphone over a 1/2 mile wifi bridge that then connected to the internet via via HughesNet satellite internet [using an HN9000 modem, .98m dish and “Express 300” plan]

SMA-Male to N-Female coax adapter (for use w/Wilson Sleek)

I recently purchased a Wilson Sleek cell phone amplifier. It does a great job but it comes with a relatively dinky magnetic mount antenna. Thankfully the Sleek also has a SMA-Female antenna connector. Therefore, to use a bigger antenna I bought a SMA-Male to N-Female coax adapter as pictured here: I went from no signal to 2-3 bars after using this adapter and a directional antenna attached to the top of a 30ft pole. 🙂

St. Louis Retail: the good, the bad and the ugly

I spent the past few days with Samantha and Hazel in St. Louis. We were visiting my longtime buddy and business partner John. We had a great trip and accomplished a lot of fun stuff (dining out, talking, playing) as well as some serious work (computer & server installation, house planning, etc.) One thing that really struck me though was how poorly St. Louis retail locations were performing. Service at Best Buy, Target, Old Navy and several other places was

New theme: Swift Basic

2012.01.14 UPDATE: I have disabled the Swift theme after having some major image issues with it 🙁 In an effort to reduce bandwidth usage and decrease page load times, I am evaluating a new theme for my blog 🙂 So far I like the theme and here are some links that were helpful in customizing it: Ideal media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme : Swift Themes media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme The following screenshot shows the

PV photovoltaic skylights: energy production & UV reduction together

Image source: OnyxSolar, please visit their site below… My long time buddy, and most excellent architect, John Odom forwarded me an interesting email about PV skylights. He tries to keep me abreast of the latest architectural trends and while “BIPV” or Building-integrated photovoltaics has been around for a while, it is DEFINITELY a popular topic today! Here’s a brief intro to the subject of BIPV and its components: Skylights – an integral feature of modern architecture We are probably all familiar with skylights