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Kawasaki MULE 4010 Trans4X4 skid plates

The Mule 4010 is a nice farm machine that is quite durable. However, if you do a lot of driving through heavy brush you may want to invest in some skid plates to protect the undercarriage from damage. Kawasaki offers a rear skid plate, and CV join guards. Here are the relevant part numbers and prices: For MULE™ 4010 Trans4X4 Rear Skid Plate: KAF30-035 $199.95 MSRP C/V Joint Guards: Front KAF25-049 $109.95 MSRP Rear KAF30-036 $92.95 MSRP Description: Metal covers

Staying at Crossroads Inn & Suites in Salem MO

This evening we are staying staying at the soon to be Crossroads Inn & Suites. They are located at 1200 South Main Street, Salem MO (next to the Crossroads Shopping Center). The facilities are top notch and the rooms are the nicest in the area (actually better than most in Springfield in my opinion). On March 19th the hotel will be switching from the old Holiday Inn Express to the new Crossroads Inn and Suites.  They have some exciting changes in

Productive and fun day

This morning I got up early to work on finishing the kids’ WoodPlay playset. Everything went well and by mid-afternoon everything was in a state where they could go ahead and play on it, they love it! Also, my wonderful wife insisted that I have a guys days with one of my good friends. We ate a nice late lunch and then watched Iron Man 3. After heading back, both of our families hung out and had a nice evening.

App Purchases

A partial list of apps I have purchased for iOS and Android: Purchased via iTunes Midway Arcade, Atomic Web, Blogsy, Star Walk Splashtop XDisplay, Splashtop XDisplay Unlimited Plex CameraSync, v1.2.2 (4+) KyPass, v1.8 (4+), Air Display, v1.6.1 (4+) Top Camera, HDR and Slow Shutter for iPad, v4.2 Disc Golf Course Locator, v1.2 Disc Golf Course Finder, v2.0 BlurFX, v3.1.6 Halcyon, v1.2 QuickShot with Dropbox, v2.0.1 (4+) AVPlayerHD, v1.47 (4+) TextGrabber + Translator, v2.6 (4+) Panorama 360 Camera, v4.7 (4+) Max