What does TBW stand for in reference to an SSD? [SOLVED]

Question: What does TBW stand for on my SSD?

Answer: TBW stands for Terabytes Written.

Specifically, TBW is the number of terabytes written that the manufacturer expects a particular SSD to be capable of during the lifetime of the drive.

In general, the higher the TBW the better. However, be aware that different manufacturers may use different estimates and formulas for arriving at a given TBW.

If you go with a reputable manufacturer, like Samsung or Intel, and choose a drive with a fairly high TBW then you should have nothing to worry about*.

*Assuming you have fairly normal usage. If you are doing a ton of writes, then you may want to look into a high-end “Pro” drive that uses higher quality NAND and large spare capacity.

A nice stack of SSDs 🙂

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