Summer Update

Just jotting down a few notes here:

  • Our winter vacation to Hawaii is coming together, I’m slowly checking items off the list
    • flights booked, at what appears to be a nice low price (the cheapest I’ve ever booked for Hawaii)
    • accommodations for the first half of the trip
    • Some things are still left to do:
      • rent a car
      • book accomodations for the 2nd half of the trip
  • Ines and Greg may come to Hawaii too! That would be totally awesome…
  • The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Missouri, and hopefully it’s nice wherever you’re reading this 🙂
  • Jess and Neil are getting married next weekend and we’re really excited to be there! It should be a blast 🙂
  • Colorado
    • My cousin Bobby headed to Colorado for a nice trip and he has a cool new Canon DSLR to take with him
    • We’re headed to Colorado around the 27th, after an idElements business meeting in Springfield
      • I’m hoping to take some good photos and spend some nice quality time with Samantha
  • Tomorrow I’m installing upgraded batteries for our (off the grid) electrical system. They will last usefor decades if they are gently cared for.  At the end of their life cycle they are recyclable :-).
  • Help those in need (efficiently)
  • If you enjoying helping people out, here is a nice site for evaluating charitable organizations:
    • Charity Watch
    • They have some really good info on which charities efficiently use donations to help people in need, and they also warn about organizations that spend a disproportionate amount on overhead etc.
    • NOTE: obviously you don’t have to spend money to help people, volunteering and other forms of help are just as awesome (if not more so) but if you are going to spend money it’s cool to know that it’s going to do some good!

Best wishes,

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