Simple Graph Data, WordPress plugin – image error (and minify)

I use the Simple Graph WordPress plugin for displaying graphs on my blog. Normally it works great. Today, however, I noticed that the graph on my weight page wasn’t showing.

Since all the data that I’d input looked correct, and not much else had changed with the plugin itself, I expected it was another plugin that was causing an issue. Sure enough, after a bit of testing I found that minify was causing the Simple Graph plugin image output to fail.

I disabled minify for the time being and now all is well. πŸ™‚ I do anticipate there is a way to get both plugins to play nicely together and if I found out how I will update this post!

PS The Simple Graph plugin page says that it is only compatible up to WP 2.3.1Β  but I use it with the latest WordPress versions no problem…

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