Photoshop JPG file sizes are way too BIG!

Recently I received an unusual JPEG for a work project. The resolution was fairly low (1344×576) and the document resolution was also set to a relatively low screen resolution of 72dpi:

Everything looks normal here…

Normally I would anticipate this file being less than 1MB. However, it was over 10MB!

Something is amiss here, lets reduce this file size!

Copy and pasting the image content into a blank Photoshop file and saving as a JPEG also resulted in a 10MB file size. Even using a very high compression level (and thus reducing the image quality) resulted in a file that was still over 10MB!

I needed to reduce the file size for use on a very low-end LED signage machine while keeping it high quality. I was finally able to reduce the file size so by doing the following:

  1. Save the image as a PNG
  2. Open the PNG
  3. Resave the image as a high quality JPG

Performing these steps finally stripped out whatever extraneous information Photoshop was storing in the file and resulted in a filesize of less than half a MB. Much better! 🙂

This is a much more reasonable file size!


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