List of silent fanless laptops

For those of us that appreciate quiet, and the removal of one more point of failure, fanless computers are a wonderful thing. 🙂 While building a fanless desktop computer is quite easy, finding a fanless laptop is quite hard!

To make things a bit easier for others interested in fanless laptops, I am compiling a list of laptops that are fanless (or that can be converted to fanless) as well as general resources and links on the topic.

[the remainder of this article is to be expanded when I find more info, feel free to post in the comments if you have any fanless laptop tips!]

List of specific fanless laptop models:

  • NEW! Samsung Chromebook
  • Panasonic Toughbooks (a variety of their MIL-spec laptops)
  • Fujitsu LifeBook P2020 (old model, has slow Transmeta Crusoe CPU)

Fanless x86 tablets that have keyboard docks for laptop mode

NOTE: these are full Windows 8 tablets that can run existing x86 applications, not ARM based Windows RT  tablets that are limited to app store apps.

DIY Fanless options:

  • Lenovo Yoga 13 – some users disable one or both fans


Replace HDD with SSD, this can drastically cut laptop noise and is an easy thing to do 🙂 As a perk, you also get better performance!

General Fanless Laptop Resources:

seeking your Fanless(quiet) laptop recommendation

seeking your Fanless(quiet) laptop recommendation – Page 2

seeking your Fanless(quiet) laptop recommendation – Page 3

Fanless Notebooks – Page 5

fanless dell laptop with XGA screen? (Dell Mini laptops were fanless)

View Profile: Commander Wolf – Laptop Forums and Notebook Computer Discussion (this cool guy converted a Dell laptop to be fanless by putting a ULV CPU into a full size laptop)


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