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Dell PowerEdge 1950 III Drivers and Firmware Updates (2013)

I recently set up two new Dell PowerEdge 1950 III servers. One for Weblogs.us (free blog hosting) and one for Branson’s Nantucket (a lakefront resort in Branson). Dell makes very nice servers but their support pages can be a bit confusing. Therefore, here are the latest updates/drivers for the PowerEdge 1950 III, as of July 2013: Latest Dell PERC 6/i Integrated Update, v.6.3.1-0003, A14http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/driverdetails?driverid=W83M2Fixes: 1. Fixes an issue where the Perc battery does not always charge up properly, causing Virtual Disks

Olympus FL-600R not working with XZ-1 [SOLVED]

Recently I tried using a nice Olympus FL600R flash on the hotshoe of my wife’s trusty XZ-1. Things were initially a no go, the camera would not fire the flash nor were any other commands/communication registered by the flash 🙁 Thankfully I got my FL600R to work with by downloading the latest XZ-1 firmware version: (link to OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater) Screenshots of the firmware update process NOTE: requires the XZ-1’s USB cable to be connected to your computer) 🙂

What is the latest Kindle firmware version? [answer] for all generations

Q. Hiya. I see on my Kindle “Settings->Device Info” screen that my Kindle has “Software Version” Kindle 2.5.5 Is there a later firmware version for my Kindle?! Thx in advance. A. Yes! There are later firmware versions available.  The LATEST version depends on which Kindle you have. Judging from the info you provided, you have either a 2nd gen Kindle or a Kindle DX so version 2.5.8 is the latest version for your devices. Also here is the latest firmware