Daily Update: Creek Running and Sandy Bridge

One of my favorite things about modern life is the ability to daily experience the ancient and the cutting edge.

Case in point:
Our creek started running again this morning.
I helped my buddy build a Sandy Bridge 2600K system this evening

This lovely little creek often runs year round, but when Missouri is dry the creep sometimes dries up. Then one day the rains and water tables will cooperate to start the creek running again and clear out the leaves and debris that have accumulated. I imagine this cycle for this particular creek has persisted for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more. It’s about as simple and natural as you can get, and I love it.

This powerhouse CPU known as by codename Sandy Bridge has millions of transistors-995 million to be exact-and is state of the art when it comes to consumer level CPUs. Tonight I help my good buddy Chad< put his computer together with the 2600K as the centerpiece. Chad did a stellar job on the system build. The PC runs runs cool and quiet while handling even the most demanding tasks. It's an amazing computing machine and it's built by an awesome friend. I enjoyed helping build it and especially loved seeing how spectacular this machine is going to be for my amigo. Conclusion: We're blessed to live in a world where the two extremes do actually co-exist. They may seem to be at counter purposes, or even mutually exclusive, but they don't have to be. I'm pro-nature and I'm pro-technology and firmly believe that we (meaning mankind) can make it work if we're thoughtful and exercise care. :-)

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