Construction update, bathtub update

Our house continues to take shape 🙂 After getting the roof on a week ago, not much has happened since. However, having everything dry and protected is VERY nice! We have had some snow and heavy frosts as well.

Morning sunshine on the hill to the West and heavy frost on the ground

Today we picked up Samantha’s 68″ cast iron tub from the freight dock in Springfield. The tub looks awesome and the crate barely fits in our Chevy Avalanche! It should fit perfectly in the master bath and we are running some extra radiant heat loops to make sure the cast iron tub stays nice and warm even before hot water is added.

68" Ralston Cast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot Tub from Signature Hardware

68″ Ralston Cast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot Tub from Signature Hardware


Tub in the back of our Avalanche

Speaking of construction, tubs, and bathrooms… if you are building a house in a remote area it might almost be worth having a portapotty. Most of the crew is happy doing their “business” in the woods, but for convenience and sanitary purposes a portable/construction toilet could be a worthwhile investment.


Next week work will resume on the house and interior framing will commence. We also still have the porches to finish. Hopefully progress will be swift and thorough next week 🙂

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