Comparisons of various laptops and PCs

Random PCs and laptops I have used in the past for work:

HP Pavilion TP01-0066 Desktop PC

Specs screenshot:


  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6GHz (up to 4.4GHz with Boost) 8-Core, 16-Thread
    • L2 4MB cache
    • L3 32MB cache

RAM: 32GB DDR4 RAM (upgraded from 8GB DDR4 RAM)


Video card: AMD Radeon RX 550/2GB


ASUS Laptop

Asus – FX705DT 17.3″ Gaming Laptop – AMD Ryzen 7 – 8GB Memory – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 – 512GB Solid State Drive – Black

2nd Gen Ryzen 7, 3750H 4-Core, 8-Thread

Quad Core


Samsung Slim 15″ Notebook

SAMSUNG 15.0″ 16GB Memory 256 GB SSD Laptop Notebook 9 Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8550U 1.80 GHz NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Model NP900X5T-X01US

Intel i7 8550U

1MB L2 Cache

8MB L3 Cache

Quad Core – Eight Thread


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

Intel® Core™ i7-4500U Processor 4M Cache, @ 1.80GHz with turbo up to 3.00 GHz, 2 cores, 4 Threads, 512KB L2 cache, 4MB L3 cache. Haswell architecture. Released Q3 2013.

Intel® HD Graphics 4400


Lenovo Compact 12.5″ ThinkPad Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 [2325JQ8] 12.5″ 2.90GHZ CORE i7 [3520M] 8GB 320GB WEBCAM

Intel i7-3520M 2 Cores, 4 Threads @2.9 GHz, Ivy Bridge, 2 x 256KB L2 cache, 4MB L3 cache. Released Q2 2012.

First PC Build ~1997

Pentium II 233MHz


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