View Amazon order history and charges 2023 [SOLVED]

Recently Amazon made some changes to their order history report. They basically deleted the old version and by default the “My Orders” page omits certain orders and separates orders into different type.

Thankfully, if you want to see ALL your Amazon orders and charges, here is a link to their “Transactions” page which will show you EVERYTHING! I find this much easier to use than their other options. 👍👍 Here is a screenshot of all the info it will show you, click the link then simply click the order # to get all the details for ANY charge! This is particularly handy for subscriptions and Amazon Prime type charges that can be difficult to find. ✅✅

Link to show ALL transactions: click here.

These days it is very important to keep track of spending and this report is especially useful come tax or budgeting time. I hope it helps you too!

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