Add fonts to Google Drive

I came across this great tip today:

[W]hat many people don’t realize is that Google Drive actually allows users to access a huge library of fonts, comparable to or even possibly exceeding the number offered by its main competitor, Microsoft Word – you just have to add them yourself. To access all the fonts available to you on Google Drive, simply open up a document and click on your font drop down menu. At the very bottom is an almost unnoticeable option to “Add fonts…”

via Google Drive tip: How to access more fonts than you’ll ever need – Pocketables.

What an awesome tip, I had no idea it was so easy to add fonts to Google’s service! 🙂

PS Here is a screenshot I took of the ‘add fonts’ option:

Nice and simple to add fonts isn't it? :-)

Nice and simple to add fonts isn’t it? 🙂


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