35mm equivalent focal lengths for Samsung, Apple , Huawei, LG


Huawei P30 Pro16mm F2.227mm F1.6135mm F3.4gadgetguy
Xiaomi Mi 9~17mm F2.226mm F1.7550mm F2.2dpreview & dxomark
Samsung Note 10 (and 10+)12mm27mm52mm F2.1dpreview
Samsung Note 826mm F1.752mm F2.4gsmarena
Samsung S10+12mm26mm52mmdpreview/ifixit
LG V40 ThinQ16mm27mm52mmdpreview
Pixel 4 (and XL)N/A????
Pixel 3 (XL)N/A27mm F1.8N/Adevicespecifications
Nokia 9 PureViewN/AF1.8 28mmN/A
Apple iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max)13mm F2.426mm F1.852mm F2theverge
Apple iPhone XS MaxN/A26mm52mmqz
iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XN/A28mm52mmblog.halide.com
iPhone 5N/A33mmN/A (source)
iPhone 4SN/A35mmN/A(source)
Nokia Lumia 920F2.0 26mm equivalent view 16:9, 28mm for 4:3(source)



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