FreedomPop Friends List 2018

FreedomPop is a cool site where you can get 200mb of free data per month (after downgrading everything and paying a one time fee). However, by adding “Freedom Friends” you can get 700mb of free data. Not bad!

To help out, here is a simple list where you can find FreedomPop friends and add your email to the list: 🙂

FreedomPop Friends List, Updated Daily

  • jolifreepop@gmail.com
  • khanh_tarn2@yahoo.com
  • clogic.gamer@gmail.com
  • rjv74194@hotmail.com
  • ncnel05@gmail.com
  • kennyb9394@yahoo.com
  • johnchen_powman@msn.com
  • johan.tedy@gmail.com
  • hafeera@gmail.com