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How to sync time on Windows 10 VM after pause/resume

Recently after restoring a paused VMWare Workstation Windows 10 VM, the VM guest had an incorrect system time. After a bit of checking through options, I was able to get the time updated/synced correctly and it did not even require a pause/resume or reboot 👍😃 Here is where you can enable automatic time sync between host and guest: Player -> Manage -> Virtual Machine SettingsOptions -> VMware Tools features -> Synchronize guest time with host I hope this helps you

Sharing clipboard & data between various computers and Android phones

Some of these tips/apps have been very helpful to me so I thought I would share the links here 🙂 Share Clipboard Between Computers: Windows, Linux and Machttp://www.ampercent.com/share-clipboard-between-computers-windows-mac-linux/10822/The problem of sharing clipboard data across multiple computers and operating systems becomes more complex, when you do not have an internet connection. Precisely, it becomes… Super useful tool for sharing clipboard text between computers using Google Chrome! Chrome – Clipboard Sync How to Break Down the Barrier Between Your Android and Computerhttp://lifehacker.com/5656214/how-to-break-down-the-barrier-between-your-android-and-computerEven though

Some cloud syncing options

A short list of file syncing options, most related to syncing to the ‘cloud’… Windows Live Essentials: Other Programs – Get startedhttp://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-other-programs?T1=t4&os=otherWith Windows Live Mesh and the Devices website, you can keep up-to-date copies of documents, photos, and other files on all of your computers, whether PC or Mac. Sync your… How to Set Up a File-Syncing Dropbox Clone You Controlhttp://lifehacker.com/5821145/how-to-set-up-a-file+syncing-dropbox-clone-you-control[…] SparkleShare – Sharing work made easyhttp://sparkleshare.org/get started Setting up your own host to work with SparkleShare is relatively easy. We’ve