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Loudest Cell Phone 2016

I regularly use my phone while running with my buddies. Generally we just use the phone speakers so we don’t have to mess with headphones and we can all listen to music. My trusty Nexus 6P was recently destroyed, so while waiting for a replacement for my Nexus 6P (THANK YOU Nexus Protect!), I decided to check what phones are the LOUDEST. Here is my current research, from quite loud 78dB+ to rather quiet 70dB- [visualizer id=”9250″] So far, I

Jambox vs. HMDX Jam

This comparison is still in progress… this is just the initial draft 🙂 [more photos will be added] First we will start with a comparison of performance on six different songs covering a variety of eras and genres: Listening (at moderate/normal volume levels) Jambox ratings for the following sampling of songs: Thrift Shop – this is a fun song and the Jambox does a superb job here. Everything sounds as it should. Excellent Roll Over Beethoven, Chuck Berry -overall nice

2.1 Speaker Roundup! Beatbox vs. Tango TRX vs. Rockus

This is a review of three sound systems I have had the pleasure of listening to at home and in the shop: Antec Soundscience Rockus 2.1 Price: $99-$181 at Amazon Review rating: 3.75/5 stars Pros: Good sound and great bass. Cons: Bulky compared to the others, no built-in wireless connections, no built in charging, not as high-fidelity as the Beatbox,  more cable tangle to deal with. No remote control Summary: Pricing varies widely, but a good deal at $99 and ideal

Nice low-end 2.1 speakers [roundup] [Christmas]

Do you have a guy or gal that has been particular nice this year. If so, speakers are always a nice present if they don’t already have a nice set. 🙂 Or maybe you’ve been good and need to treat your ears better? My top speaker picks for $99-$149 this Xmas These 2.1 speaker sets can be found for around $99 on special (check NewEgg shellshockers/weekend deals & Amazon). If you don’t catch them on a deal then they can

Pairing Saitek A-250 bluetooth speakers with iPhone/iPod touch

Today I paired my old Saitek wireless speakers with my relatively new iPod touch.  I’d paired the Saitek to a PC before, and the iPod to a different wireless speaker, but this was my first time with iPod + Saitek. Here are two links that were helpful to me, one on iPhone/iPod Touch bluetooth and one on the Saitek (and how to pair). NOTE: these instructions are for the iPhone’s and iPod touch models that have built in bluetooth. Hands