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Shipping something large via USPS/eBay

Q. I need to ship a monitor that I sold on eBay. It is pretty big and I am shipping it via USPS, any recommendations on what exact method to use? (media mail? parcel? first class? priority? flat rate?) -Grace S. Laurio A. Priority mail or parcel select are probably going to be your best bet. Here is why: –Media mail is limited to ‘media’ as as such it is not appropriate for computer hardware. Specifically, media mail is for books and recorded

UPS is amazing

UPS amazes me. My package left Seoul Kora yesterday and it will be here today. It was free shipping too. I’ll wait until a later post to discuss the contents of the package, but I am extremely excited about it! SEOUL, KR 03/24/2009 5:56 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN […] WILLOW SPRINGS, MO, US 03/25/2009 8:17 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY