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Copy of Federal Transgender Guidelines (White House) [download]

Here is a full copy of the US Departmentof Justice and US Department of Education guidance for transgender students: (dl link) This guidance was released Friday May 13th, 2016. Our local public school received it on that date, and today a meeting was held briefing teachers. The aforementioned document provides the basic guidelines but lacks many concrete examples. Thankfully, for parents seeking more information-or for students that attend public school or state colleges-there is some additional information below related to bathrooms and

Overcoming the Kindle Clipping Limit

The Kindle is a wonderful reading device, unfortunately it has some arbitrarily imposed limitations that severely impact its usability for serious study or research work. One of the most limiting aspects, is the limit on “clippings”. These are the exported text highlights that you make when reading a book. If you find yourself reading a book for an assignment or article and have been fastidiously making highlights of important sections, you may very disappointed  when you go to retrieve those