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Simple Music Player for elderly (real world review)

The Simple (SMPL) Music Player is specifically designed with elderly individuals in mind, making it incredibly easy for them to use. Here are a few ways that the device caters to the needs of seniors: I generally purchase the SMPL music player from Amazon. Over the years we have purchased three of them and they ALL still work properly. ✅Here is a link to the product page✅. To make things easy we load each player with a different type of

Good music for a loved one suffering from dementia

What would be some good music for a loved one suffering from dementia? When it comes to choosing music for a loved one with dementia, it’s important to consider the individual’s personal tastes and preferences. However, there are also some general guidelines that can help you choose music that is calming and engaging for someone with dementia. Here are a few tips: Some good examples of music for someone with dementia might include classic hits from artists like Frank Sinatra

Good TV shows for Alzheimer’s and dementia Sufferers

If you have a loved one that suffers form Alzheimer’s or dementia, you may be looking for good TV shows that will help your loved one relax and enjoy their day. Depending on the severity of the disease, your loved one may or may not be able to follow along throughout the series (in which case even a few favorite episodes can be nice). However, if they are still able to follow the progression of the series I have tried