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Quick bonus tips when buying a vehicle (car/truck/ATV/etc.)

You probably already know the basics when purchasing a new vehicle, so here are a few bonus things to remember that could otherwise slip your mind when you’re closing the deal… #1 realize that a dealer sometimes gets extra incentives/bonuses for selling a vehicle Some vehicle manufacturers offer dealers incentives for selling a certain number of vehicles, or a certain dollar amount of product. Therefore, if a dealer is one car away from meeting his incentive goal and this is

Changing the oil and oil filter on a Chevy Avalanche [updated for 2013]

Today I changed the oil on our 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche for the first time. A few notes on the process: the oil drain plug (bolt) is located horizontally (sideways), not vertically (downward) like I’m used to. the drain plug uses a 15mm wrench to re-tighten the drain plug, I used 18 ft/lbs torque (the recommendations I found called for between 15-20 ft/lbs) the oil filter is surprisingly small access to the oil filter is generally good, but clearance is tight. most oil