Really good iOS apps: example 1 [Wild Fables]

Developing an iOS app is not that hard. Developing a good iOS app is surprisingly hard.

It is always nice to see a developer doing things right and really creating a valuable app for the end user. Therefore I was very happy to come across some good coding tips here:

How to Write an iOS App That Uses a Web Service | Ray Wenderlich

How to Write an iOS App That Uses a Web Service | Ray Wenderlich this tutorial, you’ll get hands-one experience with using web services, by writing an iOS app that communicates with a simple web service that allows you to redeem promo…

and I was even more pleased that the particular code examples that the developer shared were for eventual use in their Wild Fables app:

App Store - Wild Fables

App Store – Wild Fables Don’t just read a story – play along! Save a lion, leap for a grape, and watch Aesop’s fables come to life with unique and fun interactions on every page.★★★★★ “This…


After checking out the app it has oodles of 5 star reviews and is free (with in app purchase options) for download. I love to see good apps backed up by awesome support and development.

I hope that one day my apps are as good as these and I am working steadily toward that goal!


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