Professional Photo Printer: Epson R1900 vs. Canon 9000 Pro Mk II

2011.04.20 Update:
We’re still loving the Canon Pixma 9000 Pro Mk II, you can find some photos of it here (just scroll down that page a bit).

Updated: 2009.Sep.19 we bought the Canon 9000 Pro Mk II! It was a tough choice, but these were our primary reasons for choosing Canon:

  1. Our past good experiences with Canon large format printers
  2. The flat paper path – we’re excited to try some really thick papers and the the flat paper path will prevent bending
  3. Good customer reviews on Amazon (and a lot of NEGATIVE customer reviews for the Epson, related to faulty ink cartridges as well as printing problems).
  4. Our past good experiences with Canon customer support (and a lot of reports of poor customer service from Epson)

    PS the Epson probably produces exemplary output, but I think we’ll be happy with the Canon!

Previously updated 2009.Sep.16: we’re narrowing in on choosing a printer. I’ve added more links here. Both printers have fallen in price to $404 from Newegg for the R1900 and $350 for the 9000 Mk II (after $100 rebate).

We’re looking to buy Samantha a new pro photo printer for her photography business. So far these are the top two contenders (plus some additional info).

Epson R1900

Canon Pro 9000 MkII (or possibly the 9500)

I’ll try to post any significant findings/decisions here :-).


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