Daily update: some long overdue projects

The girls are visiting family in KS, so today I got some long overdue projects done:

  • replaced the coaxial cabling for our WildBlue satellite internet (I previously nicked one of the cables, thus I needed to replace it)
  • hammered in a grounding rod to attach the ground cable to (for the WildBlue satellite dish)
  • finished running the ethernet cable from our office closet to the networking center of our home (thanks to my dad for helping me fish the wire from the attic down between the wall)
  • mostly took a break from finances and taxes, I’m now well rested and poised to make a lot of progress tomorrow
  • found my camera! (I had left it in the Polaris EV)
  • missed my honeys (though I’ll see them soon in Tulsa!)
  • yesterday I finished upgrading Samantha’s mini-PC from a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo CPU chip to  a 2GHz one (with more cache !) and also from 1GB RAM to 3GB.
  • I haven’t been eating sugar, I have been eating healthy
  • upgraded a bunch of blogs recently for some cool people:

Other happenings:

Tomorrow finances/taxes/working-out all resume and I’m looking forward to a lot of progress :-).

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend!


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