Ordering new iPod touch 5th gen, ship date? [ship oct 9th, 2012] [arrival on 12th]

UPDATE 2: the 5th generation iPod touch shipped out on Oct 9th 2012 via FedEx and has an expected arrival date of Oct 15th Oct 12th! (FedEx is ahead of schedule!!!)
UPDATE 1: Amazon now has the entire 5th gen iPod touch line available for pre-order. I am considering canceling my Apple pre-order and switch to Amazon because there would be no sales tax in my state.
UPDATE 0: the ship times and arrivals mentioned in this article are based on a 1st day preorder from Apple.com, orders placed on other dates may need to be correspondingly adjusted…

It has been an incredibly busy time for the Hodges family of late, however, midst all the happenings I still managed to make a few tech purchases today 😉

  • Apple iPod touch 64GB (Black) 5th generation
    • My dad uses his 4th generation iPod all the time, he specifically uses it as a notetaking system (using the ‘Notebooks’ app)
    • The new 5th generation touch should be a great upgrade for him with a much better (not just bigger) screen and a fairly nice camera (with the super cool high-res panorama mode)
      • The 4th gen iPod touch screen was ‘retina’ but didn’t really stack up to the quality of the iPhone 4 and 4s
      • The 5th gen iPod touch is supposed to have the same screen as the iPhone 5 so that’s a pretty nice upgrade 🙂
    • I ordered one for him (black) and one for me (yellow),  I am really excited because I know he and I will get a lot of good use out of them!
    • The only bad thing, the ship date is vaguely listed as ‘October’, lets hope they get them out at the beginning of October or earlier! 🙂

UPDATE: some sites (1, 2) are reporting a ship date of September 21st 2012 for the iPod Touch 5th generation, however, Apple’s online order status still lists ‘processing’ as the status of the order and an ‘Available to ship’ of October. This November release date is corroborated by a few sites as well 🙁


  • 480GB Vertex 3 SSD
    • Normally these are $400-$500, today Amazon’s gold box special has them for $269! 🙂
    • These also ship with the latest firmware which is supposed to make them pretty rock solid
    • They are shipping out super fast too, mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday (and it’s Friday right now)

Here’s hoping everything is going well for you and yours, thanks for reading this!

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