Hawaii: Day 1 Transportation and Groceries

The time is 11:22AM and so far it has been a good day :-). I got up at 7AM Hawaii time, which is 11AM Missouri time. I did some work and then at about 8:30AM it was starting to warm up so we began our trek. We walked 4.3 miles, the longest portion of the walk was along scenic Alii drive. The walk is punctuated by gorgeous views of the ocean and the coast.

Here is Samantha at the starting point of our walk:
Samantha by White Sands Beach

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We made it there in an hour and half, which included some breaks to take photos and enjoy the scenery. At Wal-Mart we picked up a few basic items and two bicycles! We plan on shopping at more local places from here on out, but for bikes we figured Wal-Mart was our best bet.
Christmas in Hawaii
Kona Hawaii Wal-Mart
Our plan is to do most of our travel via cycling and walking. So far we’ve gone about 16 miles by taxi from the airport to our condo, and about 9 miles by foot/pedal (our adventures today).

Next up is a trip to Rocky’s Pizza to try their pizza. If I recall correctly ,from a few years ago, it is delicious!

To be updated…

Los Habaneros
We ended up eating at Los Habaneros, we got to it first and I had read good things about it. You order and pay at a counter, then you wait until they call your name. Indoor and outdoor seating. Good (hot, med, and mild) red salsa and tasty cheese enchiladas. It was busy for lunch. Reasonably priced. Not particularly healthy, but tasted good!

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