Get a 50% discount on Giganews

Giganews runs a fairly awesome service if you are a usenet fan. However, the monthly costs can be quite high. If you need a discount for the Giganews service, here is one way that generally works…

Step 1. Go through the account options and proceed to cancel your account

Step 2. Before the process completes, they will generally offer something similar to this:

50% off your next two months

50% off your next two months

This process even works repeatedly, though you may have to maintain your account a few months in between cancellation attempts.

Please note, I am not advocating you try to game Giganews. Rather if the regular monthly cost is seriously too high for you to justify then investigate canceling, if they offer a lower price and it is enticing enough then take it. Otherwise just go on with the cancellation and save the entire $$$ amount. 🙂

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