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Wow, finding a quality post on “fastest web hosting” is exponentially harder today than a few years ago. In the past you could generally find a rather lengthy blog entry showcasing a nice comparison between top hosts. Today you find pages of search results tailored to sell you hosting and generate affiliate revenue for the site owner. 🙁

Thankfully, there are some rather in-depth comparisons and tests available out there. After perusing a good number of resources, I eventually settled on InMotion Hosting. Their speed was good and their support was near the top. Signup was fairly painless and site setup is proceeding nicely.

Having run a small web host for 14 years (and counting), I have some knowledge of the subject.  I will keep posting updates here and if time allows I would love to setup my own automated host testing for testing a variety of hosts. There is a definitely a gap to be filled in high-quality web hosting analysis and review! 🙂

Do you have a favorite fast web host? If so, please comment below!



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  • I tried InMotion hosting before. But then my requirements grew and switched to VPS from Linode. It’s stable and I don’t think I’ve experienced downtime for ages. But yes, it costs more than a simple web hosting. The current rate is around ten bucks a month.

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