Cool camera straps for the E-P1 (neck, y strap, shoulder strap)

[photos for this entry to follow later]

I didn’t bring a strap with me for the E-P1 on our two week Colorado trip. That meant I either:

(a) carried the camera handheld
(b) kept the camera in my backpack, a Lowepro CompuDaypack (<$40 new on eBay) which has a quick access compartment for the camera
(c) kept the camera in a pocket of my cargo shorts (not many DSLR like cameras can fit in a pocket!)

All three worked fairly well, but I want to find a camera strap that will help me secure the camera but not interfere with any of the previously mentioned options. Some straps are too bulky or obtrusive, often getting in the way more than helping.

So I’ve been researching a good camera strap for my Olympus E-P1. I looked throughout Colorado and didn’t find anything satisfactory. So right now I have my own homebrew solution in mind. However, here are some interesting strap and hook resources I found while researching online:

The “Y strap”

Flickr: Discussing y strap in Olympus EVOLT E-400, E-410 & E-420 Users

Engineering Adventure: Y Strap: First Impressions

STRAP – I believe this has been around long before the “Y strap”

“Swiss made” Le hook

Where to buy, option 1: Russell’s For Men | Swiss Made le Hook

Where to buy option 2: Get HOOKed!

More colors, more sizes, but at a greater cost: le

Uglier version: Pincher Key Chain and Clip:

Forum discussion: Swiss Made le Hook

What do you EDC in your pockets? – Page 11 – CandlePowerForums – the “le hook” is pictured in some photos and discussed (scroll down)

Cool misc. straps and accessories:

Artisan&Artist* Straps

Op/Tech USA | System Connectors-Adapt-Its | 1301322 | B&H Photo

Various Olympus straps:

Olympus | Leather Neck Strap (Brown) | 260244 | B&H Photo Video

260245 Olympus Black Synthetic Leather Camera Strap for Evolt Series Digital SLR Cameras

Strap hacking:

Hacking the R-Strap – James Duncan Davidson – James Duncan Davidson

Camera Strap Update – James Duncan Davidson – James Duncan Davidson

Camera Strap Update 2 – James Duncan Davidson – James Duncan Davidson

E-P1 being comfortable as a “neck strap” camera

E-P1: the third way… neck strap camera ! and use-ability: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

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