Connect an older iMac to a TV via HDMI

Large LCD TV’s are nice for showcasing plans, presentations and other business documents. However, many recent TV’s only have HDMI inputs and HDMI ports are often not available on older business PCs or Macs.

Today I encountered just that situation where a client had been trying to connect an LCD TV to their older (circa 2008) iMac as a secondary display. They had tried an expensive $85 USB to HDMI adapter with no luck 🙁

Thankfully, since the iMac was equipped with a mini-DVI port all that was needed was a cheap $7 mini-DVI to HDMI adapter cable available from Amazon 🙂

Monoprice 104852 Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter cables are great for connecting older Macbooks with Mini DVI ports to High Definition Televisions (or computer monitors with HDMI input). Read more

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