How to get Audible credits/books cheap

Audible offers an amazing assortment of audio books. However, with one credit a month it can be hard to get your full audio book fix. While you can always purchase audio books at “full price”, the cost is often quite expensive (i.e. $20-$40).

Thankfully, Amazon added a new feature where you can find audio book versions of your favorite ebooks at a significant discount. Any existing purchase you have made on Amazon may be eligible for the sale price. I was surprised that I had over 20 matches! Most of the matches were $7.49 which is significantly less than there normal price and also cheaper than a Audible credit 🙂

The URL is:

(here is a screenshot of my Audible/Amazon matchmaker results)

Amazon will find cheaper audio versions of your eBooks!

NOTE: one of my favorite features is the ability to listen to a sample from the book… this is super helpful to see if you like the narrator or not.

Hopefully this tip will save you some money and help you enjoy some awesome audio books 🙂

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