Adjust XBMC OpenELEC volume via keyboard? [+/-]

It took me a bit of key pressing to finally figure out how to control the volume on my fresh OpenELEC XBMC installation via keyboard. Eventually, I found that a default OpenELEC XBMC installation uses the + and keys (plus and minus keys) to adjust the volume UP and volume DOWN.

and + keys control volume in OpenELEC/XBMC

Hopefully this tip will save you some time and allow you to enjoy the perfect volume for your movies and TV shows 🙂 PS after my trial and error keyboard search, I eventually found a xbmc wiki page with all the XBMC keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard controls - XBMC

Keyboard controls – XBMC Keyboard controls ★ Remote controls ★ RC reviews ★ Keymap files ★ Modifying keyboard.xml ★ Custom keymaps ★ lircmap.xml 

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