5k Everyday

Two months ago I was running zero miles a month. One month ago I ran 100 miles and a half marathon thanks to some good friends, mapmyrun, and the extra mile challenge. Now I am setting out to accomplish 5k on foot everyday for 365 days. That comes out to 1825km or ~1134 miles.

Self made rules:

Days can be more than 5k but not less.

Running is preferred but walking is okay as those days will constitute “rest days”. No treadmill. Elliptical okay if totally rained out or for other reasons cannot get outside.

Rest days are needed at some points as I also plan to run a marathon during the same time period, and I am going to need recovery for sure! 🙂

So far so good with 5 days under my belt:

Day 1. 5k @ 8:19min/mi (with weights for first mile)

Day 2. 5k @ 8:18min/mi (with weights for last mile, also testing Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch)

Day 3. 5k walking

Day 4. 5k @ 7:50 min/mi (no weights)

Day 5. 5k walking

Day 6. 5k walking

Will update here periodically. 🙂

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