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GIGABYTE BRIX specs, similar to NUC but even faster

With Intel’s NUC you are stuck choosing between Gigabit Ethernet -or- Thunderbolt, and you get zero USB 3.0 ports 🙁 GIGABYTE arrives on the scene with their BRIX small form factor PC and it appears to improve upon the NUC by offering a faster CPU (up to 2GHz [w/3.1GHz turbo] on the BRIX vs 1.8GHz on the NUC) and (2) USB 3.0 ports. Photos courtesy of GIGABYTE One of the only drawbacks on the BRIX is that lack of Thunderbolt support.

Best small form factor slim PC for less than $500? (late 2012)

With all the lovely ultrabooks and super-powerful phones out there today, is is surprisingly hard to find diminutive-yet-powerful PCs at a reasonable price. We’re talking at least Core i3 and preferably i5, with the capability to have 8GB+ of memory, mSATA + 2.5″ SATA storage options, dual video out (at least Intel HD4000 or faster) and a small footprint. Ideally: under $500 and easily upgradeable with industry standard parts. UPDATE: We ended up purchasing a Dell 660s from Amazon. We also put