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GoDaddy 2014 Renewal Coupon Code for .COMs

Recently I needed to renew about ten domains names at GoDaddy and it took me forever to find a promo code that worked for RENEWALS. Finally I found one for discounted renewals: GDBBX1705 *copy and paste the code into the coupon section at the bottom of the GoDaddy checkout page You can apply the coupon code here: GoDaddy Renewal Discount It saved me $48.54 so that’s not too shabby 🙂

What is GoDaddy extended auto renew?

It is a service they offer to renew your domain on an annual basis, even if you have a multi-year registration. Example: You register a domain name on July 2nd 2012 for 5 years. Your domain expiration date would be July 2nd 2017. With regular auto renew, your domain would renew on July 2nd 2017 for another 5 years. With extended auto renew, your domain name would renew after one year, on July 2nd 2013 and would be extended by