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48V DC generators (gas and propane) and off-grid AC generator links

Our new house is coming along nicely and we will continue to live off the grid. As such, it is nice to have a backup charging solution for batteries in the event of super cloudy weather over the course of multiple weeks. Here are some resources toward that end: DC generators: AlphaGen Portable 3.0kw Portable 36/48Vdc Generator Systemhttp://www.alpha.ca/web2/products/generators/item/alphagen-portableCompact portable generator lets you deploy power when/where you need itDC technology requires no UATS (Universal Automatic Transfer Switch)No need to disconnect or

Why are solar panel prices so low right now? [answers]

Here is one explanation as to why: The PV Module Supply Glut | Renewable Energy News Articlehttp://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2011/06/the-pv-module-supply-glutPV module prices have dropped 70% since 2008, when the financial crisis sent demand tumbling, with Chinese multicrystalline silicon module prices currently as low as $1.49 perā€¦ Thanks to:   RealSolar at Twitterhttp://twitter.com/#!/RealSolarAbout Ā· Help Ā· Blog Ā· Status Ā· Jobs Ā· Terms Ā· Privacy Ā· Advertisers Ā· Businesses Ā· Media Ā· Developersā€¦   Green Maven- The Green Search Enginehttp://www.greenmaven.com/Green Search – Search over

PV photovoltaic skylights: energy production & UV reduction together

Image source: OnyxSolar, please visit their site below… My long time buddy, and most excellent architect, John Odom forwarded me an interesting email about PV skylights. He tries to keep me abreast of the latest architectural trends and while “BIPV” orĀ Building-integrated photovoltaics has been around for a while, it is DEFINITELY a popular topic today! Here’s a brief intro to the subject of BIPV and its components: Skylights – an integral feature of modern architecture We are probably allĀ familiarĀ with skylights