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How to set FireFox homepage and disable top sites/recommended/highlights [SOLVED]

Question: Help! How do I disable the “Top Sites” “Recommended by Pocket” and “Highlights” when I start Firefox? Also, how do I set my OWN homepage? Thank you. Answer: In the Firefox address bar, type about:preferences and press Enter. That takes you to preferences. Now you can: Set your preferred Homepage for new windows Set your preferred page for new tabs Disable Top Sites by unchecking (under the “Firefox Home Content”  heading) Disable Recommended by Pocket Disable Highlights I hope

Easily copy a bunch of links from a webpage

If you ever need to copy a bunch of links for a project it can be very tedious to right click ever single link and select “Copy link address” then paste that into notepad (or wherever you are storing the links) over and over 🙁 Thankfully there are some simple, and free, plugins to help make this task MUCH easier: Copy Multiple Links to Clipboard with Link2Cliphttp://www.nirmaltv.com/2010/05/10/copy-multiple-links-to-clipboard-with-link2clip/About the Blog NirmalTV.COM is a daily updated technology blog which was founded in

SOLUTION: Force Firefox 3 to autofill username and password!

NOTE: this technique applies to FireFox 3, not later versions. As Peter noted in the comments, later versions of FireFox do not contain the applicable .js files. Q. Some websites (like Chase, Gmail, WordPress) won’t autofill my login credentials even though I saved them with FireFox 3. What’s up with that?! A. Good question. Sites can specify autocomplete=”off” to prevent browsers from filling in login info. This  is what is causing your  problem, though it is meant to be a